Providing excellence in Strategic Development Expertise and giving back to the global communities in which we serve.


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Goal & Results

Simply put- We are obsessed with your success. We will develop the best strategies for your firm to accomplish sustainable development. These are sample results some of our clients have enjoyed:

  • Grew gross revenue by 342.86% over 3 year period
  • Increased profit margins from 5% to 21% over a 2 year period
  • Saved an average of $20,000 USD annually in asset acquisitions


What are your goals? Could your business benefit from the above results? Let us discuss how we can help you achieve your firm's goals & objectives.

About Our Clients

Since 2008, The Silva Aceituno Group (The S.A.G.) has served some of the most incredible clients in the following industries:

 Construction

 Consulting

 Engineering

 Food & Hospitality

 Government

 Heavy Equipment

 Infrastructure Development

 International Commerce

 Legal

 Non Profit

 Retail


We provide strategic development expertise while giving back to the communities we serve through:

Development | Assets | Commerce




Strategy for Success

Our strategies are customizable. Our perspective is global. Our results are unparalleled.


All businesses are hand crafted towards a vision. Our global market perspective gives us the unique advantage of providing solutions that will perform well in both domestic and international markets.

Giving Back

Thanks to our clients, we have also created relationships with communities in need and have begun implementing different ways in helping them. We donate resources to 3 main charities. However, our giving back is not only financial. We participates in over 4 major volunteer events annually.


Want to give back? We can help.